Rant: retail cash discounts

Posted in fashion, Rant by T on May 6, 2010

I used to work in retail.  I think working in retail sucks more than a lot of things…here is my answer to a question I was asked ALOT. Having to repeat myself made me angry, but afterwards I was just sad…


No, WE do not.

Unless of course you were planning on purchasing something other than the pair of shoes you tried on that are priced at $109.09. Perhaps, say for instance another 200 pairs from the copious amounts of shite we have pouring out of our backroom? Our even perhaps the entire store. Then I may appreciate your need to pursue a cash discount.

But because you were honestly asking me to knock a little off that hefty $110 tag, I shall answer your question with another question. Did you read a big sign out front saying “The good guys”? Or were you possibly harassed by greasy sales clerks singing re-worded versions of good vibrations as you made your way around the store?

NO? You didn’t?

Did I miss the fact that our retail store had transformed into a Balinese market stall? No, I didn’t.

It seems that you may just be a little too far behind in the retail world. I do understand that once upon a time asking for a cash discount was quite an alright thing to do. This was also a time when you were lucky to be trading in cash and not other precious belongings, such as pocket watches, ribbons or beans. One hundred dollars was once a lot of money and god knows what you could have done with a hundred beans. Now though, people like to throw their cash at anyone or anything that catches their interest and keep their beans in tins labelled Heinz.


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