Tavi McTastic

Posted in fashion, photography, Rant by T on May 28, 2010

I am not sure where the inspiration for the above title came from. I don’t know if Tavi herself would approve.

I don’t know many fourteen year olds who are invited to New York fashion week. When I was fourteen, I didn’t know Luella or anything about her jackets. I did however own a satin chinese gown (actually I was twelve). I bought it in Singapore – it wasn’t a gift from any one famous. I also wore it straight off the shelf, probably with platform shoes and braces on my teeth. That probably wasn’t my idea of fashion styling, but as a fourteen year old I just didn’t care that much.  

Another thing I probably cared/thought little about was recognising gender roles and sexual harassment in fashion photography.  With all the recent hoopla on Terry Richardson…I have been following Tavi’s posts about him and his “pervy pictures”.

I admire her stance on the subject and her opinion of both Terry and his models. Not once does she critique the quality of his actual images or their artistic value. Not once does she judge the model for posing nude or nude photography in general.  

I really like some of Terry’s editorial shoots. Some of his shots, however, look more like something that should be kept in his personal collection.



All images of Tavi are from Pop magazine


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