Rant: How not to resurrect things

Posted in Rant by T on June 2, 2010

Polite party banter – Honestly, I probably couldn’t make this shit up. Well, I could but I probably just wouldn’t.

“We are going to bring the word radical back”.

I overheard this as I was introduced to some people at a party. No, this was not like J.T and his ultimate goal to re-sexy the common universe. This attempt had not only a plan, but a strategic method. Details of which were proudly shared amongst the inner circle, as I blinked and tilted my head like a confused puppy.

So, where exactly did the word radical go? Surely not Ibiza? Did he take his little brother ‘Rad’ with him? Or was the word ‘Rad’ simply not ‘uncool’ enough to be salvaged yet?

As these thoughts filtered through my mind, it seemed strange that I hadn’t received the memo. (You know the one that goes around informing you when words go out and shit). Not only had I been using the word ‘radical’ and half abusing the word ‘rad’ since I can remember, but I never realised it had gracefully exited the building.

After listening to a conversation at the intellect level of a bunch of 5 year olds for about ten minutes, I realised that these girls were bringing back a whole lot more than just the word radical. Half of which comes from inhaling spray tan and the rest is just wrapped in pink. Nothing wrong with either of those but you can do the leg work.

It was at this point I was saved by a friend who brought an even more welcome companion. Not knowing what I was soon to unleash, I blurted out the word ‘Rad’ as I gratefully accepted the liquid distraction.

A harmonised cry of ‘AW- MA- GAWD’ was heard in Mumbai as a stampede of pink (and streaky orange heh petty) turned to appreciate my vocabulary. ‘Aw, that’s so cute, she actually uses it”, said one. ‘Oh that’s so cool, I mean, radical”, sympathised another.

Yes. It is true. I have been tormented with the radical-usage curse for many years now. The little bastard just won’t leave me alone I thought as I pictured a swarm of Africanised killer bees entering the windpipes of the surprisingly still shocked groupies.

Personal interests aside, if I was going to attempt at bringing something back, it surely wouldn’t be a word that hasn’t gone anywhere.

 It’d be something decent…like Elvis.


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  1. Mike Boozer said, on June 5, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    AW-MA-GAWD, ugh annoying

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