A trip to the Grocer’s

Posted in Rant by T on July 3, 2010

This actually happened. At the grocery store. Like last week.

I was innocently wandering the aisles of my local supermarket the other day with my mum.  Now, it should be known that she is a general magnet for picking up creeps and having weirdo’s befriend her.  Nothing unusual, just a lucky trait I guess.

I, like most others who know her, understand this fact. Yet, I was still left a little surprised when a stranger interrupted us in the organic food section.

I was in the middle of reading a label when a toothless man wearing a blue shirt shouted a very friendly “hello” at us. This clever tactic caught us off guard and tricked us into thinking we should have known him, when simply, we just should have known better.  How would I not remember knowing a toothless man who accessorizes stubbies with a beer gut belt?

He then announced how lovely it was to see a mother and daughter shopping and asked confirmation that we were, in fact, mother and daughter.

After we bewilderingly answered his question, he asked another.

“Are you the same height?” We both muttered answers and tried to move on, but screwball stranger persisted. “I know”, he said. “Why don’t you stand back to back?”

 Taken aback, I laughed in disbelief and secretly looked for a hidden camera. After that I frowned and walked away very confused with the situation.

If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not stand back to back and measure my height in the middle of Woolworths. Thanks very much for asking.

Sir, do you stop strangers all the time and ask them all types of nonsense? More importantly, does anyone actually comply with your dim requests?

I don’t know who you are, but I appreciate the aisle four freak show. However, because of it I may never visit that supermarket again.


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  1. Slamdunk said, on July 3, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    That is random. You may be a youtube star in any event…

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