Kill them all

Posted in fashion, photography, Rant by T on July 21, 2010

“I have no point of view on fashion anymore…I’m not allowed…You have to ask a young blogger for a point of view.”

This is Olivier Zahm of Purple giving his point of view on fashion blogs and bloggers. His further opinion is that someone or something should “kill them all.”

I’m sure the interviewer posed the question to obtain Zahm’s opinion on fashion, not who is entitled to give an opinion about it.

Yeah, I’d love to have the opportunity to publish my point of view in other places, such as perhaps, Purple Fashion Magazine. But for now, it goes here…on my blog…that I write.

Anyway, I found this amusing. Just picture Zahm being interrupted from the two girls (pictured) to offer the above quote in his french accent. In this imaginary scene it kind of makes sense that he was too busy to voice an actual relevant outlook.

Here is a link to Olivier Zahm’s blog for Purple. This is where he creatively gives his point of view through a series of photography.


Images from Purple Diary.


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