The party I’m never invited to…

Posted in Rant by T on December 14, 2010


There is a party going on in the house behind mine.

It has lasted almost four days.

Sometimes it sounds like a pool party. Other times it sounds like a family reunion. At 2am it sounds like over excited school girls. At around four in the morning, it sounds like dying cats playing karaoke. At times, the street is crowded with cars. On few occasions, it is a much more exclusive affair. Sometimes it is only adults chatting to the sounds of breaking glass. Other times children are invited.

In the late afternoon of the second day, a curious voice yelled out a question. “Mum!” I heard.  “Why are there undies on the roof?” The voice that responded seemed more angry than interested and less surprised than disappointed. “Well how the hell did they get up there?” was the response. I too waited for an explanation.

That party has since ended. The next afternoon another one started.

As far as I know, the undergarments remain on the roof.



strange vending machine picture – we heart it


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