Child’s Play

Posted in Rant by T on July 6, 2011

“Did you have to get those glasses, or were they just given to you?”

I wanted to respond something about her having to have that face? But, before I had an adult version of what was in front of me to deal with, I reminded myself that I was not five and I needed to grow up.

This might seem odd, but I’m not often confronted by anyone and until recently I was less commonly beleaguered by children.

On a more recent occasion, I was walking mindlessly into a shopping centre when I noticed a small boy slightly to the left of my path. I continued to walk towards him, which meant that for a brief second in time we were standing side by side.

At that very moment another child demanded my attention, by shouting, laughing and pointing her paint stained finger. At me.

“Ha ha! Is that your girlfriend?”

I laughed to myself and kept on my way, wondering if this was my hero moment to stand up to bullies and drop her on her head. I could never do that to her though, basically, I have scrawny/no arm muscles.

I’m sure less honest and outspoken people have been compelled to shout the very same thing upon sighting me.

Thankfully, for them, most other boys put in the same situation have had the good sense to run. Fast.

I don’t know whether her outburst was directed as an insult to the boy or a personal attack of my tender feelings. I took it as a backhanded compliment. He should be so lucky if we were dating, and technically I should be a paedophile. Which I am not, so I’ll end this before it gets weird(er).

I was minding my own business and clearly they were too. This is where I’ll incorporate a quote from RuPaul, “What other people think of me is none of my damn business”. (Werk!)

What children think of me is the least of my concern. According to these two, they don’t think very much at all anyway.

So there.


Words Tennille Paterson

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