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Home time.

Posted in music, Rant, Uncategorized by T on February 10, 2012

Splendour in the Grass is returning  to Byron Bay for 2012!

Here is a video demonstrating this…

Everyone looks very happy, fresh faced and noticeably cleaner than expected.

Being at Byron (and not Woodford) will do that to you.


Posted in music, Rant by T on August 4, 2010

The Pixies have been rocking out since before I was born. This is clear when they play. They make it very obvious that they know what they are doing.

Countless bands credit the influence The Pixies have had on them and their music. At Splendour over the weekend, they played a very tight set indeed.

Kim Deal’s harmonization and backing vocals are beautiful. However, her between song banter was unappreciated by the crowd.

If you don’t know anything about the gig you are playing, please don’t make useless comments to show us that. If you know little about the country you are in, don’t offend us by showing your own ignorance. And please, don’t ask us if we need to go to school tomorrow.

If I am sitting on a grass amphitheatre around 12am in a remote town, surrounded by thousands of others doing exactly the same, the chances of me having to attend school the next morning are very unlikely.

Another question, why is Deal never shown on the big screen while performing?

We were freezing cold, so we walked away from the stage as the final songs were played.  As we left, “Where is my mind” pounded into the air. Now I’ll show my ignorance and admit that was the one song I wanted to hear.  A lot of people were walking away in front of us. We all stopped and danced for a moment and then continued on our way. We left before the end because although it wasn’t a school night for me, I do have a 1am curfew.

The Boat That Rocked

Posted in music, Rant by T on July 10, 2010

Adored by millions. Outlawed by the government.

“No one likes it, apart from blind people, and I’m sure even they can sense it’s profound ugliness as it passes by.”




Rebellious. Sarcastic. Inspiring. Revolutionary. Mutinous. Witty. Misfits. Music. Eccentric.

To all our listeners, this is what I have to say – God bless you all. And as for you bastards in charge, don’t dream it’s over. Years will come, years will go, and politicians will do fuck all to make the world a better place. But all over the world, young men and young women will always dream dreams and put those dreams into song. Nothing important dies tonight, just a few ugly guys on a crappy ship. The only sadness tonight is that, in future years, there’ll be so many fantastic songs that it will not be our privilege to play. But, believe you me, they will still be written, they will still be sung and they will be the wonder of the world.


Splendour in the Grass

Posted in music by T on May 7, 2010

Beautiful Woodford plays host to Splendour’s 10th birthday this year over a massive blown out 3 days.

As per usual camping and event entry tickets were first to sell out and all other tickets were exhausted before school was dismissed yesterday afternoon.

Q Jump haters were most likely very pleased to see Moshtix in charge of this year’s sales. Yet the social networkings were still alive with all types of cussing from disappointed punters who unfortunately won’t be getting involved in any Splendour Anniversary action.

Splendour 2009 attendees/ticket purchasers were lucky enough to get ahead of the pack and purchase their presale tickets on Tuesday.

As not to add insult to injury to those who missed out…I won’t tell you how easy peasy it was to breeze through the ticket checkout Tuesday morning. I didn’t set my alarm or anything…not that you care.

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