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Images from a dreary day spent in Macau.


 |Residents have the highest life expectancy in the world | Former Portugese colony |

| Intriguing culture fusion | No arable land | Ponte de Amizade |

| Higher gambling revenue than Vegas | Largest casino in the world – The Venetian Macau |

|Portugese / Chinese street signs | 0.6% of the population speak Portugese |

 | Own Grand Prix | One Portugese school |



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Taken on my Olympus PEN 


Dries Van Noten

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Dries Van Noten Spring RTW 2013


| Floral | Organza | Grunge | Sheer | Masculine |

| Casual | Tartan | Nirvana reference | Structured | Floaty |

| Feminine | Oversized | Metallic | Pink Lipstick |


The above collection of adjectives point out the obvious.

Van Noten made masculinity feminine in this Spring collection. The models were cool and casual with flawless pink  lipstick to remind us of perfectly preened ladies of yesteryear.



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See the entire show style.com

Balmain Spring RTW 13

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Elizabeth and James

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Elizabeth and James | Spring Ready to Wear 13

“Structured suiting and draped silks” – Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen


| Minimal | Crisp | Elongated | as expected, oversized| Simple |

| Cuffed | Bronze | Draped | Silk | Natural |

| Structured | Ivory | Polished | Cropped| Worldly | Relaxed | most importantly, Magenta |


This is how I’d like to look when the weather starts warming up.

That airy robe is what I’d like to wear while I’m Hugh Hefnering about in my mansion.


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From style.com


This is Kenzo x New Era FW12

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Kenzo and New Era teamed up to create these trendy caps.

Now you have something to match your Kenzo x Vans kicks.

I’ll need a piece from this collaboration to wear when I’m feeling hard like liquid swords…

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from lifelounge

Hello Ellery

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Wax Lyrical

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I met a lady in a cosmetic store. Or more truthfully, a lady met me.

‘What’re you buying?’ she asked as she peered into my basket.

‘I just love looking at what every one gets’ she continued.

‘That’s interesting’ I replied. I imagined her doing this to every stranger in each store she visited. I summed up her mental capacity as I wondered about how you could keep such a time consuming habit.

Her next statement proved that even If I had hand picked the strangest feminine hygiene product that cosmetic store had to offer, she still would have wanted to talk to me.

‘I’m trying to find this wax to do my upper lip’.

She hadn’t mistaken me for a shop assistant. For her, this was an appropriate opener for a conversation between herself and myself.

I looked at the girl in front of me, who had been included by overwhelming eye contact from my new friend.

I tried not to make any type of look at either of the strangers. I just nodded and said ‘oh, yeah’, as I inspected the space between her lip and nose.

I was confused. To be honest, I couldn’t see a single hair.

As my eyes wandered to her chin, she began to tell me how the store no longer sold her preferred brand of wax. It wasn’t on its regular shelf.

She planned on calling the company and just to prove this she produced a torn off piece of paper with a phone number.

She started waxing her lip after her father died. She was worried her sister would notice her moustache at his funeral.

She’d just arrived home from a holiday. She prefers day flights as it reduces jetlag. She travels frequently with her husband, and I suppose, tells strangers she meets in stores. Like she did me…

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Pastel, french and a little japanese

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visages colorés de la petite fille japonaise

Photography | Olivia Frølich

Hair | Marianne Jensen
Makeup | Sine Ginsbourg @ Agentur Cph
Retouching | Werkstette

A pretty little collection of portraits from one of my favourite sources of inspiration.

from theones2watch

Stella McCartney

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Stella McCartney Resort 13

plaid. oversized. cropped. dare I say, flared. sheer. fringe. fresh. yellow.

clean. lace. relaxed. collared. leopard. crisp.

Just a few looks I’d appreciate on my body.

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from style.com

Lanvin Fall/ Winter 2012

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Steven Meisel shot the latest Fall/ Winter campaign for Lanvin.

The fashion house casted real people on the street to help connect with, well, real people on the street.

My favourite is the bearded old guy.

Creative Director | Alber Elbaz

from Fashionologie 

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