Fisherman’s Friend

Posted in fashion, photography by T on October 21, 2013

Fairy Tale

Posted in fashion by T on August 26, 2010

Troll Beads



The name makes them sound more like something you’d offer a troll living under the bridge, in order to gain pass and continue on your little fairy tale way. It’s something about the quirky details that makes me want to find a place on my fingers for them. From a distance ‘the kiss’ ring looks like two mishapen lumps of gold. Then you realise it’s actually two fat lovers. How sweet.


From Trollbeads



Cross my heart

Posted in fashion, Rant by T on July 16, 2010

Maria Francesca Pepe

AW1011 Collection “In the Woods”

I’ve been thinking about these little cross rings quite alot. Mostly about how much I really want them on my fingers. Even just one would do. And, like the model, I might even try and put them in my mouth. Because I like them that much. Really.


Images from MF Pepe


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