Soft Scoop

Posted in fashion, photography, Rant by T on November 8, 2012


Soft Scoop from How to Spend it magazine.

Photographer | Andrew Yee

Fashion Director | Damian Foxe

Make up | Gina Kane


I love the colour palette/blocking of this shoot and Ehren’s soft pastel grown out crew cut.

Even if some of the looks remind me of an 80 year old woman, possibly from Florida. Just add a sun visor and designer sneakers.


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Cropped Chanel

Posted in fashion, Rant by T on May 24, 2012

After seeing this at Chanel Resort 2013 runway I can’t seem to stop thinking about cutting my hair and dying it ultra violet.

Seeming as though I’ve never killed anyone, I won’t get the face tattoo.

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